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As a speaker, Wilma holds the audiences’ attention through her dynamic presence, by her eloquent use of metaphors, along with her own style of humor. She speaks to the core of our commonality and connects the heart and mind to provide meaningful perspective.

She speaks to organizations and women’s groups - ideally with women who are working and/or displaced - to overcome obstacles, transition and change in a manner inspired by her own experiences at the Houston Fire Department.

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What Wilma J. Brown Speaks About:


Get Fired Up!

Life is full of emergencies and is too short to not do what excites you. It seems that people today are moving faster than the ‘speed of light’ to find themselves stuck in a rut. Wilma J. Brown gives audiences practical steps to bounce back and grow from setbacks and obstacles. This presentation will help transform the audiences’ thinking and approach life in a way to see desired results.

  • Daily Disciplines
  • What Are You Thinking?
  • The Power Of Focus
  • Recognizing What Creates The Fires In Your Life – Personally & Professionally
  • The Role Of Life Changing Events
  • How You Keep The Flame Burning


Embracing Change

One of the most important skills in the workplace and in life is the ability to embrace change and welcome it as a way of life. Wilma J. Brown helps her audience understand and create steps to ‘flip the switch’ from life "stuff" and maintain a positive perspective. The audience will get a practical takeaway on how to live well equipped with tools to use in any challenge that comes their way.

  • Overcoming Self Sabotage
  • Finding What Keeps You From Change
  • The Blame Game
  • Be The Overcomer
  • Change Is What It Is


Forged In the Fire…Still Standing

This journey we call life is full of wonders, adventures, and unpredictability. Wilma J. Brown shares powerful examples (life stories) and the steps she uses as testimony that life is what you make of it. More than just motivating and inspiring, this keynote presentation will ‘ignite the burning passion’ for life and move the audience to take action. It will help them transform their approach to life to get results.

  • When Life Hands You A Lemon, Make Lemonade
  • Don’t Be A Victim
  • After The Ashes – Now What?
  • Life Lessons
  • Design Your Dream Life


Diversity: The One Thing We All Have In Common

Being able to communicate with different kinds of people, we become more successful at work, home, and in every area of our life. It is becoming increasingly apparent as we move through the 21st century that life without diversity is not an option.

Wilma J. Brown shares life stories, examples and scenarios from her training classes with firefighters that shed light on the commonality we all truly have. Her approach is one of “common sense” and she will leave the audience with a new way of thinking, which allows them to appreciate and celebrate diversity every single day.

  • Differences Are A Plus
  • Everyone Has A Voice And What You Say Matters
  • Who Do You Listen To?
  • You Are Unique And Special
  • Make The World A Better Place

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