Luciano Cantu

"Wilma J. Brown connects with the audience at an emotional level and makes a lasting impression. Wilma seems to be talking to you personally. She is truly inspirational – it is rare to have a speaker that leaves her audience feeling uplifted and able to take on any challenge. Wilma has a style and philosophy on how to get immediate results in improving your career, business and personal life. After attending one of Wilma’s presentations and returning to my desk I had already used a couple of Wilma’s ideas. Wilma is a powerful, passionate and persuasive speaker, and her ability to ignite any audience into action is remarkable. Her energy, vision, passion and self motivation are contagious.  If you are someone who wishes to make positive changes in your life, Wilma Brown is the place to start. Get Fired Up with Wilma J. Brown.”

Sr. Captain T. Campbell, Station 16-C-3

"I have attended many classes taught by Miss. Wilma Brown in the Houston Fire Department. Miss Brown is a very good instructor; she knows her subject matter very well when teaching. It is a pleasure to be part of her class because she treat’s all people like they are adults, and is kind to all.”

Fernando Herrera, Deputy Chief

"Ms. Brown not only delivers pertinent information, but she does so in a manner that captivates and engages the audience. I highly recommend Wilma Brown to anyone that has the need to educate and simultaneously motivate a group.”

Captain Beda Kent

"I have attended several classes given by Wilma Brown and am amazed how she is able to keep the attention and engage such a diverse group as firefighters into her presentations. I have also had the pleasure to work with Ms Brown and she meets challenges head-on and with a smile. Her professionalism shines even on rainy days.”

Lee Carmon

"Great presentation! Your down to earth approach is wonderful! The affirmations you shared during your talk have caused me to think differently.”

Joannell Patrice

"Your presentation has allowed me to have a different mind-set. It ministered to my inner spirit to know I can only control me.”

Shanderia Jackson

"Ms. Brown’s presentation helped me to understand to let go of the past and take control of my actions. In order to do so, I have to stay positive and not blame anyone for anything that happens to me. I am grateful that I can now embrace change and see the changes come to past.”

Nina Woods

"I enjoyed your presentation. It has motivated me to do what I have to do and that is to be a better me. I now realize that as I move forward and embrace the changes that come in my life, it will be a better life.”

Jean Harris, Training Specialist

"Wilma embodies enthusiasm in her approach to life. In her delivery of her training and development expertise; she is an excellent facilitator with an engaging personality. Her positive energy and outlook are contagious. A significant attribute she demonstrates in her day to day life is her ability to “walk her talk”. Her disciplined approach to medication, nutrition and exercise is illustrated in her daily commitment to maintaining her spiritual, physiological, and physical health. This type of dedication combined with experiences in overcoming her personal life challenges, creates the foundation for her passionate and persuasive approach in conveying her “Get Fired Up Now!” Program.”

Coleen Connelly

"Excellent motivational speaker with great stories for living life well.”

Melva McNeil

"Ms. Brown, your presentation was very informative, clear and concise. I thank you for sharing with all of us. I look forward to your upcoming book.”

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